A FREQUENT flyer has raved about a simple item that they claim makes going through the airport much simpler.

It's easy to get flustered when passing through airport security, particularly when taking items in and out of a carefully packed bag ready for the scanners.

However, there's a handy item that can make things much simpler and also means passengers don't have to pay extra for checked in luggage while they're at it.

Regular traveller Samantha Grindell swears by her bumbag whenever she has to fly anywhere.

She described it as her "favourite travel accessory" and said she can use it as an extra place to store items alongside her hand luggage and personal item.  

When it comes to getting on the plane, she simply puts the bumbag in her hand luggage, meaning she doesn't have to pay extra luggage fees for it either.

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She told Insider: "I kept my wallet, keys, and phone — which had my boarding pass on it — in my fanny pack. Having those items within arm's reach made security simple, as I didn't have to sift through a giant purse for my ID.

"Thanks to my fanny pack, I've been able to fit an extra sweatshirt, medication, and more toiletries — without paying extra for checked luggage. It's by far the most useful piece of luggage I've had.

"I found I could also fit my Kindle or a small water bottle in my bag, making it easy to pull out my latest read and stay hydrated on my travels."

Samantha isn't the only frequent traveller to swear by a bumbag either, with Sun Online Travel's resident flight attendant also a big fan of the accessory.

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They said: "The first thing I always take is my trusty bumbag – it's a total lifesaver and perfect for travelling.

"I basically have got that forever packed in case I need a little emergency overnight kit.

"Even if I'm doing short haul and for some reason something goes awry, I've always got a little overnight bag and it's got toothpaste, an inhaler, a hairbrush, little things that you just might need.

"Even if I don't take a suitcase I can get myself spruced up, and I can also wear it underneath my clothes while I'm going around exploring.

"It's the perfect size for a day bag, it keeps everything safe and I love it. I know some people think there's a stigma around them because of how they look, but I think they're amazing and vital for taking abroad."

The flight attendant also recommends passengers take a travel cutlery set, which can be used on flights, or in hotel rooms.

They added: "Like most people, I like to go out for food when I'm away, but I can't afford to do that every single night.

"Hotel rooms often don't have cutlery, meaning people either have to improvise, or limit their meal choices.

"I've literally seen people using hotel pens as chopsticks before, when bringing their own really doesn't take up that much space."

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Meanwhile, this £10 bag is also a great choice when only flying with hand luggage.

And passengers always make the same mistakes when they're trying to get off the plane.

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