A TOURIST has revealed how the locals in a certain city drink beer in bizarre and unique way.

Most places in the world have some form of culture around drinking beer, but few are as odd as the scenes recorded recently by a tourist and content creator.

On a recent trip to Qingdao, in North China, @thebalkanabroad found an odd drinking method preferred by the local residents.

Instead of drinking from cans or bottles, the people of Qingdao drink beer from a plastic bag, using a straw.

In a video, the tourist gave the method a go and said it wasn't actually as strange as she had first expected.

She said: "While in Qingdao, you can find beer everywhere, there are so many street vendors selling it fresh from the barrel in a plastic bag.

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"You can opt out of that, but it's something you should try at least once.

"It's very common to see people walking around sipping on a beer bag, especially during the summer days."

She also said that some people make things even stranger, if the beer isn't as cold as they'd like.

She continued: "Additionally, some add ice, but I didn’t go that far."

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Despite the practice being very strange, she said that it tasted "Okay, actually."

While the method may seem odd, it may be worth giving it a go if you're in that part of the world.

After all, Qingdao knows quite a lot about beer, with China's most famous brew Tsingtao made in the city.

Some people commented on the video saying they too had tried it and found it to be a great way of drinking.

One said: "It's such a weird way of drinking beer. But I didn't expect it to taste that good."

Another added: "I need to try this one."

China isn't the only place where people use straws to drink beer.

In fact, a man was caught using an arguably stranger method while at a baseball game in New York.

Footage of the New York Yankees fan captured him hollowing out the a hotdog while watching his team beat the Mets.

Fellow supporters seated near the man at Yankees Stadium were in awe as he brazenly took a plastic straw and used it to create a hole in the centre of his snack.

He didn't want to waste a bit of the delicious sausage though, sucking the meat out of the straw as he went.

But instead of filling up the hollowed-out sausage with relish or sauce, he stunned ballpark onlookers by plonking it into his glass of beer.

He then proceeded to enjoy a big swig from his ice-cool beverage – using the sausage as a straw and tossing the real one aside.

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Meanwhile in the city of Pilsen, visitors can have a soak in beer in a special spa.

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