NEXT time you fancy a pint, you should think about booking a holiday to Europe instead.

The cheapest cities in the world for a beer have been revealed, and two countries in Europe have made the top 10.

The study, conducted by, analyzed the average cost of a pint of beer to find the cheapest, using the Cost of Living data via Numbeo.

In Europe, the Czech Republic came out on top with the average price in Prague just £1.34.

However, you have a lot of choice if you head to Poland, with the cities of Wroclaw, Krakow and Warsaw taking 4th, 5th and 6th place respectively, and all under £1.90 per pint.

Brits are still banned from the Czech Republic, but Poland is on the amber list and is welcoming vaccinated Brits.

Not only could Poland be added to the green list this week but Ryanair offers cheap flights to the country from just £7.69 – so there is no better time to fly for some cheap booze along with a holiday.

Of course the very cheapest is a bit further away, with Buenos Aires in Argentina charging just £1.17 on average, while Mexico, Russia and the US made the top 10 as well.

However, it is bad news for Brits not wanting to go abroad any time soon.

Both London and Edinburgh were ranked the most expensive for beer in the world, coming in at £5 and £4.48 per pint, respectively.

Fancy a choice of breweries and bars? Head to Asheville in the US, which has the most of each per 100,000 people, with 2.8 breweries and 7.86 bars and clubs.

According to Post Office Travel Money research, Bulgaria's Sunny Beach has the cheapest holidays overall which includes bargain booze – with just 47p for a bottle of beer.

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