TENSof thousands of Brits are gearing up for their summer holiday next week, as the rules change for vaccinated British adults travelling abroad.

From Monday July 19, the UK government's guidance against Brits holidaying in amber list countries will come to an end.

Double vaccinated adults will be able to travel to countries on the amber list and avoid quarantine on their return to England, as well as being able to drop the second PCR test on Day 8.

Children under the age of 18 will not have to quarantine, even if travelling alone.

Children aged four and under will not have to be tested, while kids aged five to ten will only need to do a day two PCR test.

But 11 to 18-year-olds will need to take both a pre-departure and a day two PCR.

These rules apply to any amber list country, which currently includes France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Germany.

But many popular European holiday destinations have their own rules on travellers from the UK, so it is important to check details before travelling.

For instance, people from the UK must have proof of vaccine or a negative Covid test to enter Spain.

In Portugal, they require Brits to have proof of vaccine to enter the country, and in Greece, Brits must have either proof of vaccine or a negative Covid test to enter the country.

Others are far stricter, like Italy which now requires five days of quarantine for anyone arriving from the UK.

When the news on fully vaccinated Brits being allowed to visit amber list countries was announced last week, airline bookings rose by 400%.

EasyJet said it added an extra 145,000 seats for flights to Spain, Greece and Portugal for the summer due to high demand.

But sources have warned that the additional checks at airports and an increased number of passengers following the announcement might create long queues at airports, with people waiting up to six hours at the border.

A Whitehall Source claimed the Border Force is "nowhere near ready" to cope with the latest changes, the Daily Mail reports.

The insider said: "You could easily be looking at queues of six hours to start with.

"The Border Force is nowhere near ready. What no-one knows is how much extra traffic there will be as a result of the change."

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