In the age of remote work, it’s possible to live almost anywhere and still do your job.

Though it may seem impossible to uproot your life entirely, a fresh start may be what many of us need. For one lucky family, this could be in the far reaches of Scotland.

Shapinsay, one of the Orkney Islands in Scotland, is looking for a family to move to the remote island and join their small but strong community.

The island has a population of less then 350 people and is offering one family the chance to rent a recently renovated home owned by the Shapinsay Development Trust in the main village for £500 a month.

Considering the rental and housing prices in London, £500 for a gorgeous renovated house in Scotland is a steal.

The property has three bedrooms and has been modernised with all the amenities you might need.

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Lisa-Marie Muir, a member of the Shapinsay Development Trust, says: ‘We know there is a family out there who would be an ideal match for Number 9 and welcoming new children to the school would be a boost felt throughout our community.’

Number 9 is the property on offer. She also said that the island has beautiful scenery, and the community regularly gets together for ceilidhs, dances, bingo nights, coffee afternoons, drawing clubs, and film clubs, so there’s never any shortage of things to do.

Muir continues: ‘It may be that for some, the idea of moving to an island and adopting the unique lifestyle seems out of reach. But with the way that people are working from home these days, it really is easier than ever for someone to make the move.’

She added that the island is a very safe place to raise your ‘bairns’, using the Scottish colloquialism for children, and that you don’t need to worry about them when they’re outdoors having fun – the way you would in a city.

‘They spend their summers in wetsuits, swimming at the pier or the beach, or cycling all over the island. In normal times, there’s always something for them to do during the winter – from football to badminton and youth club to climbing.’

Additionally, they would be educated at the Shapinsay Community School, and the two new pupils will help keep two teachers in place there.

Head teacher at Shapinsay Community School, Emma Clements, s:ays ‘We have small numbers in our classes and we strive to give every child on individual experience, according to their needs.’

‘We encourage our children to become independent thinkers who are able to take real responsibility. More children attending the school would mean that it is able to retain two primary classes going forward.’

As well as an excellent local school, the island offers a GP surgery, a healthy living centre, a post office, a shop, so you can rest assured your ASOS parcels will get to you and you can get as many chocolate buttons as you need.

Shapinsay is 25 minutes away from the Orkney mainland by ferry, and the Shapinsay Development Trust offers a small boat service after 6pm.

The house offered by the Trust is being managed by letting agency D&H. Director Serena Sutherland said: ‘The property really does offer the perfect opportunity for a family to have a true experience of island life, without the commitment of buying a new house.’

She noted that the house has two living rooms, a front and back-garden, ad three bedrooms. The home also has sea views with the community school and playground minutes away so the children always have an easy commute.

‘The property has everything a family could want in a home in the islands while the fact that it has recently been modernised means it is comfortable and everything is in good working-order,’ Sutherland added.

If this home might be a good fit for you and your family, contact D&H on 01856 872216 or email [email protected] to express your interest.

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