A PASSENGER has slammed a man for "insufferable" behaviour during a flight, but not everyone agrees with them.

Arguments are common on board planes, with strangers forced to sit next to people who they can't help but find annoying.

However, on a recent plane journey, one man's weird behaviour wound up someone enough that they had to share a photo of it online.

Twitter user @nycdouche_ shared a photo of a man standing up using his headrest as a desk for his laptop during the flight.

They captioned the picture: "Guy on my five hour flight has been using his seat as a standing desk."

The man is pictured standing up at the front of the plane, facing back down the cabin, while using his laptop.

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The tweet has been seen more than four million times, with other people equally as perplexed by the behaviour.

One said: "Wow, brand new incredibly insufferable guy just dropped."

Another wrote: "I've never wished severe turbulence on someone until now."

However, other people were more sympathetic about the man's decision.

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One commented: "I get back pain when i sit so I stand a lot on plane rides too."

A second added: "I kinda like this idea. If it doesn't bother those around, this is far better than sitting on that tiny seat and typing like a T-Rex."

Standing up to use a laptop isn't the only thing a passenger has done recently that has annoyed other people on planes.

One man thought it was a good idea to bring an entire meal of spare ribs and side dishes with him onto his flight.

The person sat next to the hungry passenger, Lanna Tolland (@lannatolland), took to Twitter to share her disbelief at what was going on.

Sharing a picture of her seat mate's snack, she tweeted: "No chance is the guy next to me eating a full rack of ribs plus sides on this plane."

Her tweet has since been seen more than five million times, with plenty of people similarly stunned by the man's choice of meal.

One suggested he be sent "straight to jail" while another said it was "nasty behaviour".

A third added: "There's a list of foods that it should be illegal to sell at the airport."

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Meanwhile, this passenger was slammed for eating smelly eggs while waiting for a flight.

And this flight attendant revealed the stupidest thing passengers do when planes land.

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