A PASSENGER has slammed a flight attendant for not moving out of his way in the plane aisle, but no one seems to agree with him.

The man was making his way down towards the back of the aircraft when he met a cabin crew member who was heading in the other direction.

The pair were drawn into a confrontation when neither would step aside and let the other pass by and get to where they needed to.

The man took to Reddit to ask others whether or not he was in the right in the situation.

He wrote: "I just got on a flight and was going to my seat near the back of the plane when I ran into the flight attendant heading to the front of the plane.

"She doesn't move over for me. All the seats next to us were still empty and no one was behind me because they were still boarding priority, which was mostly at the front.

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"I tell her I'm headed to the back and she says, 'that's great, I'm headed to the front' to which I reply, 'but I'm a passenger'.

"Her response was, 'yes but I'm a flight attendant'. I'm non-confrontational so I move to the seat next to me and as she passes I say, 'and you don't see a problem with that?' to which she turns around and says, 'Woooow'.

"That's pretty much it for the story, but am I unreasonable for thinking that the flight attendant should move over for the boarding passengers in this instance where she had a clear shot to the front after me?

"I've never encountered a FA that didn't move over during boarding and I've had a lot of experiences to reference from. This is also the only time I've ever had a bad encounter from a FA."

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However, the man's post didn't receive the reaction he was hoping for, with support for him in the comments few and far between.

Instead, most people felt he came across as either passive-aggressive or entitled.

One said: "For a self-described "non-confrontational" person, he sounds quite snarky and confrontational."

Another wrote: "He sounds super entitled and like this is his biggest problem in life. Oh how blessed he must be."

A third said that he lacked respect for the flight attendants.

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They wrote: "Who do you think you are? Crew always has priority. Give some respect and move."

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