A MUM has faced backlash online for suggesting she might get on a flight after testing positive for Covid.

There are no legal requirements to isolate after contracting Covid in the UK but the rules vary in different countries.

However, she said she was considering taking the trip anyway, despite possibly being infectious.

In a post on parenting forum Mumsnet, she wrote: "I have Covid right now and due to fly to Spain in a few days.

"The rules are that I just need to show my vaccine pass but doesn’t seem to say don’t travel if you have Covid.

"Can this be right? Don’t know if I need to cancel. I tested positive 4 days ago."

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A lot of users responded to the post, telling the woman her behaviour was unreasonable.

One said: "I’m quite laid back about the whole learning to live with it, but even I’d draw the line at that."

Another urged her to consider how her actions might affect other people, if she were to get on the plane.

They wrote: "See that's probably why I have Covid. Cos I went on a plane and someone was as daft as you.

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"And now I've had to cancel my weekend plans, which is affecting my mental health, and my daughter is terrified of getting it as isolating/being at home will massively affect her mental health.

"See the big picture and think how many lives you could affect."

A third said: "I’m pretty much ‘get on with life’ but getting into an enclosed space with people while knowingly infectious with anything is just a horrible thing to do."

Others however were more relaxed about her problem and said they would just go on the holiday.

One said: "Don't listen to those saying don't go….ridiculous! You aren't even obliged to test anymore."

Some suggested it was likely she wouldn't be the only one on the flight with the virus.

One said: "Half the plane will have Covid. If you feel well enough, go. And have a great time."

Another in support of her taking the trip wrote: "We have to get used to this now as it’s not going anywhere, you can’t run around blaming people ‘for giving you Covid’ and destroying your mental health.

"Most people aren’t even testing anymore and don’t even know they have it."

While Spain has lifted its entry requirements for vaccinated visitors, travellers may still face additional checks including a temperature check on arrival, as well as a visual health assessment or a Covid test.

Passengers may also be contacted and asked to take a PCR test at any point up to 48 hours after their arrival in Spain.

Most airlines don't have specific rules on travelling with coronavirus, but boarding the plane and sitting in the cabin still pose a significant risk for spreading the disease.

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If passengers are concerned about contracting Covid while flying, people should wear masks, wash their hands regularly and disinfect all surfaces.

Here in the UK, Covid cases have been rising for a number of weeks now, hospital admissions are also on the rise, with the largest increases in hospitalisations and ICU admissions are in those aged 75 and older. 

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