A MUM was left stunned after she booked a flight with her young. daughter – only for the airline to sit them apart.

Jennifer Keller was travelling with her three-year-old daughter following a holiday to Delaware.

However, after arriving at the airport, she was shocked to find that they had been "assigned seats in separate rows".

She wrote on Insider: "I'd tried unsuccessfully to fix the seat assignments online, then I'd struck out with the airline's customer-service rep on the phone. "

She said both the rep and the gate agent said it was up to her to sort the issue, saying she should board the plane and just "try herself" to get someone to change seats.

Jennifer continued: "We boarded the plane. When we got to my daughter's row and she grasped what was happening, she burst out crying."

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She was only saved by one passenger who swapped with them, who was extremely rude about the situation.

Jennifer said he would only swap seats because he "didn't want to listen to that for the whole flight" as her daughter was crying.

While they managed to sit together in the end, Jennifer added it "wasn't the kind of behaviour" she wanted against her child, especially when it wasn't their fault.

She was also given $75 credit for her problem, but has called on there to be more regulation for airlines to enforce young travellers are not separated from their parents.

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And if all else fails, she also shared her top tips on what to do if it happens, which is to make it seem like a "prize" that they have their own row away from them.

Many low-cost airlines will often split travellers up when booking cheap fares, despite young kids not allowed to sit by themselves.

A dad has explained how to make sure you sit next to your kids on a flight after he was separated from his own after his previous booking was changed.

His first tip was to take advantage of the free online check in, and he also says that you shouldn't leave arriving for your flight at the airport until the last minute.

If it can't be solved before you board, he advised telling the flight attendant straight away so they can ask other passengers to swap.

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Meanwhile,a mum won praise after she revealed how to get strangers to swap seats if you are split up from your kids on the flight.

Earlier this year a passenger divided opinion after they refused to move seats despite a mother's plea to sit next to their child.

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