HOTELS generally expect guests to take a shampoo miniature or two home with them after a stay, but where should you draw the line?

Chances are, you're a lot more cautious than Tiktok user Dutch, aka @dutchdeccc, who filmed himself collecting items and putting them in his suitcase to take home with him.

He started off by picking up three packets of coffee and putting them in his bag, but admitted he didn't even drink it.

He said: "I take the coffee – I don't drink coffee, somebody will."

Dutch then collected some toiletries and revealed that it's not just at the end of a stay that he takes them – he puts them in a bag every single day so that hotel cleaners bring him new ones.

He said: "You know I'm taking all the bath amenities, and you know I have a bag full in my suitcase of all the amenities they've restocked everyday."

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He carried on round the room and grabbed anything else he could.

He said: "Notepad – in the bag. Bar of soap – never use it, can't use it as I have sensitive skin, but I will be taking it. If I had room for the tissues – in the bag.

"I mean part of me is even like, should I take the [plastic] cups?"

He shared the video with his 1.4m followers, and received thousands of comments – and while some people loved what he did, others branded him "wasteful".

One person wrote: "I do the same. I paid for it, it's going with me. Use it or bless others."

Others were less impressed, with one person saying: "Why take stuff you won't use? Pretty wasteful."

Others blamed his behaviour for hotels room rates being so high, with one person writing: "And that's why they're so expensive."

Experts have revealed which items you can take from hotel rooms guilt-free – and what you're definitely not allowed to remove.

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Tripsavvy declared stationery, postcards, slippers and toiletries are complimentary, and guests are welcome to take them home guilt-free.

But the travel company warned that towels, hairdryers, irons and cups are not up for grabs, and if you take them you could be charged.

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James Marshall, owner of a boutique hotel, explained that if you check in late in the day, you're more likely to get upgraded as it's too late for the hotel to sell any spare rooms.

So if you ask nicely, they might be willing to upgrade you for free.

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