Love is a tricky emotion to explain. For some, it's the feeling you get when your hand just naturally fits in theirs or when they make you laugh more than they make you cry or when you can see your entire future in their eyes. It's a feeling that is hard to put into words, much less a song.

But country artist Lewis Brice did it with "It's You."

Released in 2020, the romantic song that Brice co-wrote alongside Ben Simonetti and Niko Moon a few years back and the song that has already amassed more than 14 million streams since its release now has an equally romantic music video to accompany it — a music video that just happens to star Brice's longtime girlfriend Denelle Manzer.

"It was so great having my girl in the video," Brice, 38, tells PEOPLE about the exclusive premiere of his music video for "It's You." "It was a really cool, full-circle moment since our relationship inspired the song. I loved having her on set and watching her film. She was a pro for sure and a stunningly gorgeous one at that. The whole experience was really comfortable and natural for us."

Filmed at the Analog music venue in Nashville's luxurious Hutton Hotel, the subtle yet so goosebump-inducing music video lets the song's heartfelt lyrics take the spotlight, as Brice simply serenades his girlfriend of four years from the stage with "It's You."

"When I envisioned the video for "It's You," in my head I saw an intimate video, no big crowds or anything over the top," the accomplished singer/songwriter explains. "It was important that the message of the song could come to life in the video, showing that I don't need anything else, it's you."

Brice first met his leading lady back in 2017 at the famed Tin Roof bar in Nashville, where Manzer was working as a bartender.

"I walked up and asked to buy her a shot, thinking she'd make something fruity like a royal flush or something with cranberry in it," remembers Brice. "To my surprise, she promptly let me know she was going to shoot Jack Daniel's and, I quote, 'to saddle up.' I honestly believe I knew in that moment that she was my 'It's You' in life. She got me good with the whiskey talk and I haven't turned back since."

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Indeed, from that moment on, it's been true love for the stunning couple, made even more impressive considering that their relationship has continued to flourish at a time and during a pandemic that has proved to be difficult for many couples in the public eye.

"It's so cool to look back and see how much my feelings and love with my girlfriend continue to grow," says Brice of 31-year-old Manzer. "Our relationship just gets stronger by the day and I love having 'It's You' as a reminder of that. It is a really special song to me."

Writing what he knows in his heart has long been an avenue for success for Brice, who grew up alongside big brother and fellow country artist Lee Brice in South Carolina.

"I usually take from my life experiences into every song I write," explains Brice, who released his debut EP back in 2017. "I find it is way easier to write what you know."

And yes, Brice admits that his big brother Lee has often served as a creative song board to him in the four or so years since he started releasing music on his own.

"It is always a pleasure working with my brother," Brice says of Lee, who co-produced "It's You" and recently collaborated with him again on his new single "Young." "I love having him to bounce ideas back and forth with. He's just so talented and creative." 

"It's always so much fun to get in the studio and work with my brother on his music," adds Lee. "I'm proud of 'It's You' and how well it has done and was honored to co-produce it with Ben Simonetti. It's such a special song that comes from the heart."

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