THE most travelled person in the world has revealed a clever but unusual reason why he always packs spare toilet roll with him whenever he travels.

Packing loo paper isn't unusual, especially for holidaymakers heading to countries with cuisines that might not agree with their stomachs.

However, Frederick William Finn, who holds the Guinness World Record for the World’s Most Travelled Person, with more than 15 million miles to his name, packs toilet roll for other purposes.

In an interview, he revealed that he uses it to make sure he doesn't break important souvenirs on his journey back home.

When asked by Medium which items he always packs for his trips, he said: "Toilet roll to put around the neck of wine bottles."

The toilet roll may also come in handy in case of any food problems, although Fred revealed that he always packs antibiotics as well, in case he has an "upset stomach".

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Fred has picked up a lot of great tips for passengers during his long history of being a passenger, during which he was on both the first and last flights made by Concorde.

Included in those are ways to get past a fear of flying, something Fred certainly doesn't struggle with, given his record.

He continued: "Don’t drink alcohol before your flight and try to sit next to someone whom you can talk with as conversation helps to distract from fear.

"The fear of flying can be caused by the lack of control and not seeing where the aircraft is flying along with strange noises."

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The Devon-born air enthusiast first fell in love with air travel when he was 18 and took a flight from an airfield in Hampshire to New York.

During his travels, he has met huge names, including former Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev, Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney, singer Dolly Parton and had dinner in New York with Johnny Cash.

As well as the first and last flights on Concorde, he made 716 other journeys, and has flown across the Atlantic Ocean more than 2,000 times.

He told Heritage Concorde that he also has simple methods for avoiding jet lag whenever he travels.

He said: "Set your watch to local time when you step off the plane and eat at that country’s meal times. Drink water to avoid jet lag."

Additionally, he said he always takes a certain type of luggage, as well as his toilet roll, to make sure items don't break in transit.

And advised on a couple of other important items he never leaves behind when preparing for a trip.

He continued: "Use hard suitcases to avoid breakages.

"Always take contact numbers for your family.

"Use a travel adaptor that fits all plugs"


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