A PILOT has revealed where passengers should sit on a plane if they're afraid of turbulence.

Although not very dangerous, it's never pleasant when the plane starts shaking mid-flight.

However, there are some seats that people can sit in where the effects of turbulence are felt a lot less.

With the help of his pet cat, airline pilot and Tiktoker Jimmy Nicholson (@jimmy_nicholson) showed how turbulence affects planes and where it is best to be when things start to shake.

He said: "If you sit at the front of the aircraft, you are going to experience less turbulence.

"If you're at the back, it's going to be a little bit more bumpy."

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Holding his cat up, he showed why turbulence tends to rock the rear of the aircraft much more.

He continued: "Picture this, the rear of the aircraft will swing more, the front will swing less. So if you are scared of flying or feel sick when you experience turbulence, sit up the front of the aircraft.

"That would be my hot tip."

Jimmy also tried to ease the worries of those who are scared of flying, explaining why they'll still be safe, even in turbulence.

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He added: "Remember, the aircraft is not going to fall out of the sky. You're all good. It's just an annoying thing that hopefully will only last for a matter of minutes.

"You won't be in turbulence for long. We will either climb, descend, or try and get you out of the turbulence.

"So if anything, it'll be a couple of minutes. And it's annoying.But don't worry, we're not stressed about it.Hope it helps."

The video has been seen more than 120,000 times, with people suggesting other places to sit, including over the wing.

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One wrote: "I always tell nervous flyers to sit on the wing because it’s less 'bouncy'".

Another said: "I like sitting on the wing."

A third added: "Would it be at the wings because of its axis?"

Sitting over the wings is a tactic backed up by Madeleine Doyle, who was a flight attendant for 20 years, working on both domestic and international airlines.

She told Thrillist: "The plane is built like a teeter-totter, and the most stable part is over the wings.

"Turbulence is worse in the back of the plane — it's much bumpier.

"If you think you’re going to be sensitive to that, sit over the wings."

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If you're a nervous flyer, you're in for a rough time as it's likely flights are going to have more turbulence than ever.

Here are some other plane myths which aren't true, a flight attendant told Sun Travel.

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