I’m a holiday expert and this is how to get an oversized bag on low budget airlines for free

  • Pro-traveller Chelsea has shared a trick to bring an oversized bag on a plane
  • The holiday expert said the sneaky technique works for low budget airlines 
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A ‘holiday expert’ has shared how you can avoid paying for extra luggage and sneak your oversized bag on the plane. 

Frequent traveller, Chelsea, claimed that the trick works on low budget airlines such as Wizz Air, Ryanair and easyJet. 

Sharing the crafty technique to her Instagram account, she showed her 215,000 followers ‘How to get a bag that’s too big on low cost airlines.’

Chelsea demonstrated how she successfully got onto a Wizz Air flight, despite carrying an indiscreet, and oversized, red bag.  

A pro-traveller has shared how holidaymakers can skip on additional booking fees and sneak an oversized bag on a Wizz Air flight

The pro-traveller claimed the trick also works on other low budget airlines such as Ryanair and easyJet

She began by telling followers to hype themselves up for the journey ahead, and told them to take out any jackets or ‘anything bulky’ out of their bags. 

She added: ‘Got another bag? Stow this away now, you do not want to give the gate staff any reason to stop you so keep to as many other rules as you possibly can.’

Once travellers have hidden away their bags, she told them to make their way to the gate to board the plane. 

She said: ‘I like to join the queue towards the back, but not right at the back.

‘It’s all about being at a stage where they want to rush you through but there are still people to come through behind after you.

‘Basically, you don’t want to give them too much time to really process what you’ve got going on.’

She also urged her followers to act carefully while waiting, she said that although they should keep out of the eyeline of the gate staff, they should act ‘as normal as possible’ and try not to draw any suspicion to themselves.  

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The pro-traveller told her followers that they should have their passport and boarding passes at the ready. 

Once ready to board, she said: ‘Smile, be nice and help the person do their job quickly.’

In the captions, she claimed that the trick works on low budget airlines were you’re only allowed a ‘small cabin bag’ for free.  

According to Wizz Air’s website, passengers are allowed a carry on of 40cm x 30cm x 20cm.  

Similarly, Ryanair only allows cabin baggage of 40 x 25 x 20 cm and Easy Jet has a similar allowance of 45 x 36 x 20 cm.

However, Chelsea claimed the bag in the video exceeds this limit and her other trusted Patagonia bag sizes at 53 x 35 x 27 cm.

Since it was posted, the video has gained nearly 47,000 likes and has sparked debate in the comment section. 

According to Chelsea, her trusted carry on exceeds the limits of many low budget airlines, but she’s managed to breeze by security with the simple steps 

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Some were in agreement with Chelsea, claiming that airlines often overlook the slightly broken rule. 

One person wrote: ‘They literally don’t care if it’s a slightly bigger backpack, they’re just on your case if you bring a suitcase and you don’t have it paid for.’

Some even added their own techniques, one person wrote: ‘I also try and act as if it’s really lightweight.’ 

However, others were left unimpressed and, while this trick works for Chelsea, claimed they would rather pay the additional carry on fee. 

One person wrote: ‘Imagine if everyone did this and then there’s no room for anyone’s bags in the overhead lockers?’ 

Another added: ‘You have no idea how much time the crew can lose to fix boarding problems like bags size etc.’

And a third person jibed: ‘Or pay f****** 20£ for a carry-on.’

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