A TRAVEL expert has revealed a clever trick to avoid losing luggage when travelling by plane – or to locate it if you do.

The top tip? If your bags get lost, head straight to the baggage counter before the line gets too long.

The main priority, according to Instagram travel account @familytravelcolleenkelly, is speed.

Travel blogger Colleen is keen to help out fellow travel fans.

She shared the video explaining how to avoid airlines losing your luggage to her 11,500 followers.

Colleen started by revealing the best way to avoid lost bags in the first place.

She said: "Number 1 – put AirTags in your luggage. I didn't do that this summer, so I couldn't track it myself.

"That's really important. Do not rely on the airline itself to track your luggage."

She want on to discuss an easy way to find lost bags after a flight: "Go straight to the baggage counter, which is located right near the baggage carousel for that airline.

"You want to get in line first. That's kind of the only way they do it."

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Colleen stressed how important it is to sort out any problems speedily, especially any paperwork airlines might require.

She emphasised: "Do not leave the airport before you fill out the form that they want you to fill out."

Fans were keen to hear her advice, with one commenting: "Air tags!!! Yes!"

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