A MONEY expert has revealed how much money you could be entitled to if your flight is cancelled or oversold.

The return of travel last summer saw plenty of delays and cancellations, while strikes have caused more problems recently.

However, passengers aren't always certain of what they're entitled to and going through the complaints process can be a total nightmare.

In a video on Instagram, finance expert Queenie Tan (@investwithqueenie) explained how she gets compensated when she encounters problems with flights.

Firstly, she covered passengers' rights in Europe, where you're entitled to compensation if your plane is delayed.

She said: "If it happens in Europe and your flight is delayed by more than three hours, you can receive from €250 (£220) to €600 (£530)."

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However, the rules aren't the same for passengers in America, where legally there is no right to compensation for delays or cancellations.

But when it comes to oversold flights, things are different.

Queenie continued: "If your flight is delayed or cancelled in the US, you may be able to receive compensation, but there are no federal laws requiring airlines to provide compensation.

"However, if you've been bumped from a flight that's been oversold, you can receive up to $1,550 (£1,330) in compensation."

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In Australia things are different still.

Queenie added: "If it happens in Australia, you may be able to get compensated. But each airline has their own policies."

Chasing compensation is always a difficult process, but Queenie revealed the template she uses to make sure she gets some money back when she encounters travel problems.

She encourages other people to use the same template, but also pointed people in the direction of AirHelp.

They do the leg work for delayed or cancelled flights, but take a cut for themselves as reward for their work.

Queenie said: "If you want less hassle, you can check out AirHelp.

"They take commission if you get compensated, but they handle all the communications."

James Andrews, senior personal finance expert at money.co.uk also gave his best advice for getting compensation.

He said: "Your first port of call is the airline itself.

"If you're flying out of the UK, you're legally entitled to compensation once your arrival is delayed by two hours or more.

"How much you get depends on when the airline told you about the delay, how long it is and where you're flying.

"But the least you're entitled to is £110 while the most you can claim is £520."

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Meanwhile, this is how you can get a refund or compensation on other flights.

Consumer expert Martin Lewis revealed what to do is your flight is grounded.

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