FLIGHT attendants have revealed exactly what it is they're doing behind the galley curtains during flights, away from the eyes of passengers.

The in-flight cabin crew rarely get any moments of privacy after take off, with the needs of the people on board the plane taking priority.

Most of those brief periods of calm are spent in the galley, with the curtain drawn, so passengers can't see what they're up to.

However, one curious person asked flight attendants if they could reveal what they get up to behind the curtains.

In a post on Reddit, the passenger asked: "What's happening behind the curtain and why can't we see it?"

A number of flight attendants replied, with most explaining that they're very often just making the most of a rare moment of quiet away from other people.

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One said: "When we are visible to the customers we try to smile and have a welcoming expression.

"That can be exhausting for a 13 hour duty day. We sometimes just want to be invisible for a few minutes.

"But generally I want to eat without someone handing me trash."

Another wrote: "Eating without having the smells from the lavatories that are constantly open and shutting permeating my food.

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"Also so people won't line up in the galley to use the restroom while I'm trying to eat."

However, other people explained that they'd used the galley to get changed after accidents, or to do exercises during the flight that relieve the pain of being on their feet.

One said: "I have had coworkers stand guard while I change.

"Think ripped tights or big spills. I've also given this courtesy to passengers that had vomit on them, for example."

Another explained: "Years ago I saw somewhere about squatting and how it can help with back pain and lord knows that we get back pain.

"I started doing it a long time ago and it’s really weird but I can sit on my heels for 10 minutes straight now and all my lower back pain is gone. Love it and recommend it."

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