NEXT time you are ordering your glass of wine on a flight, you could be making a big mistake by accident.

A number of flight attendants have revealed why you should be leaving your cash in your pocket if you want to try and thank them for their service.

Despite passengers wanting to offer their thanks to crew, some airlines ban tips from being give to their flight crew.

This is because many are given a living wage, as well as offering more than just service but providing essential safety procedures while in the air.

Flight attendant Coral Lee explained that tips are "far from helping" as they can cause division between crew if airlines decide to implement them.

They said: "This has created a big controversy between the flight attendants who are happy with this new policy and the ones who think that this is a strategy to keep wages low and be treated like servants and not like someone who might save you in an emergency."

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What you should do is buy something at the airport before instead.

Flight attendant Nichole Dunst said: "We do love getting tipped in snacks, and that happens pretty frequently.

"If you’re headed to duty-free before your flight, picking up a bag of candy for your flight crew is a great way to make friends with us.”

Another flight attendant revealed how giving something like gift cards could even get you special treatment during the journey.

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She said: "We're never expecting it. But if people want to show appreciation to their flight crew, a gift card to Tim Hortons or Starbucks goes a long way.

"I can't promise that, but [you're] more likely to get a free drink if there is a treat involved for the crew."

One person shared on Reddit that they were noticed by crew after he gave some Starbucks gift cards to them.

He wrote: "I was on the turnaround flight the next day and the flight attendants spotted me.

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"They threw snacks and drinks at me like there was no tomorrow. I tapped out after the cheese platter and chocolate cake and ended up sleeping incredibly well (I almost never drink and usually don’t even eat sweets, so the bliss was quite something)."

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