A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the one drink you should always opt for if you want to sleep on the plane.

Laura Garside, who is a flight attendant for Emirates in Australia, offered her top tips as someone who often travels on long journeys.

She told 9Honey: "If I can, I try to plan my sleep before the flight according to which break I am on, that way I am well and truly ready for it.

"Chamomile tea is also my go-to."

Most airport cafes will sell chamomile tea, or it is sometimes offered in standard hotel rooms.

If you want it on the plane, however, they are unlikely to serve it, so you should take your own teabags onto the flight and request hot water.

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Chamomile tea is often seen as a remedy to help you sleep, as it contains apigenin.

Nutritionist  Rosie Millen said: “This antioxidant binds to certain receptors in your brain that may promote sleepiness and reduce insomnia."

It's not the only way to help you drop off on a flight.

Sleep expert Martin Seely says doing 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity can lead to a boost in your sleep quality, so you should spend some time up on your feet before boarding your plane.

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Martin recommends walking through duty-free, while avoiding sitting down at boarding gates can also help.

He also advises picking a seat in the same row as the wing.

Not only is this likely to be the quietest area but as the wing is usually where the emergency exit is based, you could also have more leg room.

Travellers have also praised a £8.99 item for helping them sleep on long-haul journeys which can be packed in your hand luggage.

The method? A foot hammock that you tie underneath the seat in front of you.

When it comes to drinking on planes, there are five beverages you should avoid on the flight – and it isn't good news for your booze.

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The one you SHOULD drink is ginger ale, due to the way your taste buds change on a flight.

Here is how to get some extra free drinks on a plane, according to a flight attendant.

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