I’m a flight attendant and here’s why I always avoid hotel coffee makers

  • Stewardess has revealed why travellers should avoid using hotel coffee makers 
  • Meanwhile another TikToker has claimed that they are unhygienic 

A stewardess has revealed exactly why travellers should avoid using hotel coffee makers – and it’s pretty disgusting.

Revealing exactly why you should not make yourself a brew in the morning, a flight attendant has shocked the internet.

Tara Bee a hotel housekeeper, who goes by @_sourqueen, claims that the coffee makers in hotels are very unhygienic and should be avoided at all costs.

Meanwhile, another flight attendant from New York claims that she has heard the coffee makers in hotels are used to wash underwear, report Bon Appétit.

However, other users have been left questioning whether there is any truth behind these claims – or whether it is a myth.

People have been left sceptical over the claims that coffee makers in hotels are unhygienic, and have taken to asking the internet to clarify whether there is any truth in this (File image)

An unidentified flight wrote on Bon Appétit  that she claims she heard he coffee makers in hotels are used to wash underwear (File image)

The unidentified flight wrote on the website: ‘I ponder the eternal question: to brew or not to brew the hotel room coffee. 

‘This is something most flight attendants have strong feelings about, and many senior mamas like to tell horror stories about in-room coffee pots being used to rinse pantyhose, among other things. (This may be an urban legend; I can’t imagine anyone actually DOING it.)’

However, people have been left sceptical over her assertions and have taken to asking the internet to clarify whether there is any truth in this.

A person pondered the same thing on Quora and questioned: ‘Do flight attendants still steam their underwear in hotel room coffee pots to clean them or is this just a myth?’

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And the post was full of plenty of people debunking the claims, with some saying that they have never seen anyone do it, while others said that they are sure someone has ‘done it at some point in time.’ 

One person responded: ‘I have never met one who did.’

Another person was more blunt and said: ‘I’m sure that at least one freak has done it at some point in time, but no, that’s not a normal practice.’

However another user claimed that they have flown for 10 years and said they had never heard of this practice.

They explained: ‘It’s much easier to either pack some clean underwear or, in the case that you run out, just wash them in the bathroom sink and let them dry over the heater or by a window.’

And another put: ‘So, you think flight attendants only bring one pair of underwear on their trips and wash them every night? That’s pretty hilarious in of itself. If for any reason they do want to wash an article of clothing, they would lather it in the sink, not the coffeemaker. 

‘Myth, naturally, and one that I’ve never heard until reading your question.’

Meanwhile, a hotel housekeeper took to TikTok to share her tips for staying in a hotel room.  

Ms Bee warned, and advised, travellers to stop making a cup of joe in their hotel room, saying: ‘The first thing that I would never ever use in a hotel room is the coffee pot or any of the glass wear.

‘Usually the housekeeper just rinses these things out int he bathroom sink and dries them off with the same rag that they use to clean the rest of their room with.’ 

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