A WOMAN who wore a bikini to Disney World has revealed how her plan completely backfired.

Tiktoker Heleni (@heleniofficial) was trying to get a free t-shirt from the resort, using a method that has previously been successful for other travellers.

Apparently, if you turn up wearing just a bikini top, Disney World has no choice but to give you a t-shirt from the gift shop, to make your outfit more appropriate.

However, Heleni's attempts were thwarted before she'd even made it through the turnstiles, where instead of being given a free t-shirt, she was told she'd have to buy one.

Instead, she opted to just put on the t-shirt she had brought with her in case the plan failed.

She shared her attempts in a video on Tiktok that has been seen more than eight million times.

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“Trying the TikTok hack for a free shirt at Disney World Orlando,” she wrote on the clip, before making her way to the entrance gate.

To her excitement, park employees — called cast members — stopped her but Heleni revealed they ultimately “forced” her to buy a shirt to cover up.

According to the park’s FAQs on what to wear for a day at Disney, “clothing which, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment,” could result in being denied entry to the mouse house.

Heleni’s attempt received hundreds of comments, many of which suggest that the park used to hand out free memorabilia to rule-bending attendees, but stopped when news of the handouts became popular on TikTok.

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“Cast member here. Doesn’t work anymore. It got too popular online and everyone was doing it,” a Disney worker commented.

Another person wrote: "They used to give one for free, but then everyone found out on Tiktok and abused the system so they make you buy one now.

But others said Heleni didn’t do it correctly.

“You have to be inside the park, not outside,” another commenter advised.

While the t-shirts may not be free, there are plenty of things that are free at Disney World.

For example, if you’re celebrating your birthday at Disney World you might be able to get some extra presents for free.

Sprinkles in Disney Springs gives out birthday cupcakes if you sign up for their loyalty program, Landry’s (the restaurant group that owns T-Rex Café, Rainforest Café, and Yak & Yeti) has a $25 (£20.52) birthday gift card if you’re part of their loyalty program.

You might also be able to get a free dessert at Disney-owned restaurants.

Also, if you head to guest relations in any of the parks, or your hotel’s front desk, you can pick up a free badge.

There are several different badges available.

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