A PERK of the job is often being able to travel the world, staying in amazing resorts.

But there is one hotel room I never choose when booking – and you should avoid it too.

Many hotels and resorts have "connecting" rooms, which have internal doors that you can open if staying as a family or with a larger group.

This makes it much easier when wanting to pop into each other's room without going into the corridor.

However, if staying as a single person or a couple in a room, this kind of connection can be a nightmare.

I once stayed at a hotel in Turkey with a connecting door, which had absolutely no soundproofing.

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While you expect some noise at hotels, it almost felt like I was in the same room as them.

With my neighbours deciding to have loud phone calls and a TV blaring until 1am, I ended up calling hotel reception in a frantic bid to get some sleep.

While they were happy to move me to another room (and a few apology treats) there's nothing you want less than traipsing down a corridor in your dressing gown in the middle of the night.

And it happened again recently in the UK after staying at a very nice hotel.

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While laying in bed, the connecting door allowed all of the sound to travel through, this time with my neighbours not even speaking particularly loudly.

But it's hard to feel like you have privacy when you can hear them opening their blinds, brushing their teeth and laughing in the middle of the night.

So next time you are booking a room, you may want to check it doesn't have a connecting door – unless you want some late-night touring of the hotel.

It's not the only room you should avoid, according to a risk expert.

You should avoid rooms above the fourth floor, because fire engines aren't able to reach it with their ladders.

And the ground floor is a no-go too – as it's more likely to be broken into.

But here's why asking for a corner room will get you the best option at a hotel.

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