A WETHERSPOONS pint and a mad dash for the plane is how most people will spend their time at the airport.

But the top 1 per cent of travellers do it slightly differently – with a lot of extra perks.

Many airports have secret terminals and airport lounges only for the rich and the famous, as well as some royals.

At Heathrow Airport, there is the Windsor Suite, found next to Terminal 5 and as even been used by the royals including Will and Kate.

There are eight private suites, but they come at a price, costing £3k for three people.

However, included in the price is a chauffeur who picks you up from your door and takes you straight to the lounge, as well as takes you straight to the plane.

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There is also a private butler, personal shopper, Michelin star food and Andy Warhol artwork.

There's added security features too such as bombproof glass and anti-paparazzi nets.

It's not just London Heathrow, however.

Munich Airport is the only five-star airport in Europe – and has its own VIP wing.

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Forget queuing – some have private chauffeurs from the lounge to the planeCredit: Instagram/@heathrowvip
Singapore Airlines has it's own lounge for first class passengers onlyCredit: Getty – Contributor
Many of the lounges are only open to the very wealthyCredit: Getty – Contributor

Every guest gets their own personal assistant, as well as showers and private suites.

And Los Angeles Airport (LAX) also has a high-roller VIP experience, to be expected with the number of celebs who travel through.

The Private Suite (PS) costs around £6,000 a year for a membership, as well as an extra few thousand for your flight.

You can choose between a chauffeur to drive you from your home to the terminal, or a private helicopter although this costs an extra few thousand too.

Celeb Chrissy Teigen recently spoke about the suite, saying: “There is a terminal a mile from the airport that you pay membership for. 

"They do the same security privately and take you to the plane in a car."

Doha Airport, a busy transit airport for people flying to Asia, has a VIP terminal too.

Not only is there a chauffeur service, but there are dedicated agents to check in your luggage, as well as do your security and passport checks away from the queues.

And inside is a complimentary spa, which has everything from haircuts and manicures to full body massages.

Depending on which airline you are flying with, many have private lounges only for their first-class passengers.

At Abu Dhabi Airport, Etihad has its First Class lounge which has been compared to a "five-star hotel".

Singapore Airlines has The Private Room lounge at Changi Airport, and has suites with showers and a cocktail bar.

And at Doha is Qatar Airway's Al Safwa First Lounge, with thermal spas and jacuzzis, as well as a private entrance for immigration and security.

If you can't quite stretch to the VIP experience, there are some cheaper lounges you can try before your flight.

Here's how easyJet passengers can get free lounge access at Gatwick Airport.

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And On The Beach is giving passengers free lounge access for anyone travelling long haul.

We've also revealed how booking airport lounge access could actually save you money.

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