A WOMAN was left embarrassed after asking a Disney character out on a date at Disneyland – only to be turned down in front of a huge crowd.

TikTok user Steph shared a video while she was at Disneyland with her friend Grace, who works as an actress, as they watched a parade.

While watching, Beauty and the Beast villain Gaston walked past.

As he did, her friend Grace yelled at him: "Gaston my boyfriend just broke with me. Will you go out with me."

He then apologized, and said: "Sorry, but I'm looking for the most beautiful woman in town."

He then walked off with a cheeky smile and waved at her as she laughed in shock, before asking: "Did I just get roasted?"

TikTok users were just as shocked, with one person saying: "Damn I kinda feel bad. You looked hurt."

Others said that was the point of his character being the villain.

One TikTok user explained: "Not y'all being mad that a villain was mean."

Many joked that was what he did in reference to his song from the film, saying: "No one takes cheap shots like Gaston."

Grace, who has since changed her online bio to "Not the most beautiful woman in the world," explained on her own social media account that not only did she gain hundreds of followers, but her ex-boyfriend was even bombarded with messages.

She added: "Still heartbroken but trying to laugh through it."

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