I’m a flight attendant and here are five things I’d NEVER do as a passenger

  • A cabin crew member has shared the things she would never do while travelling
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You can never be too prepared for a flight.

Even those who download their boarding passes and pack weeks in advance can still face a multitude of problems on the day of their journey.

Whether it’s a brisk half-hour flight or a gruelling 13-hour slog, a flight attendant has shared her dos and dont’s for every trip. 

CiCi in the Sky, a self-proclaimed ‘sky ally’ and ‘travel alchemist’ has shared advice to her 367,100 TikTok followers. 

A flight attendant and self-proclaimed ‘sky ally’ has shared the five things she would never do while travelling

The most important thing to consider is what day you’re travelling in on, according to flight attendant you should never fly in the same day for an important event 

She begins by urging her followers to never fly on the day of an important event, whether that be a wedding, cruise, birth or graduation. 

She explained: ‘I cannot tell you the amount of people on my flights who have missed important engagements because of delays and it’s just not worth it. Fly in the day before, always.’

Switching her attention to the flight, she tells fellow travellers to never to put anything in the seat pockets, claiming the pouches are ‘gross’ as people put ‘all kinds of things in there’. 

On the same note, she warns followers not to put their jackets or loose items in the overhead bin. 

While it is fine to put your carry on in there, she claimed people will shove all sorts up there and they become extremely dirty. 

I loved this trend from a few years ago! I have a lot more so i woll probably do a Part 2 and maybe 3. Flight Crew add to the list!! #flightattendant #fivethingsiwouldneverdo #fivethingschallenge

She explained: ‘I mean I’ve never seen them cleaned and I’ve seen people’s stuff spill out of their bags and get all over people’s jackets, clothes or whatever so just don’t do it.’

When it comes to her role as a flight attendant, CiCi appeared very protective and claimed she would never argue with another flight attendant. 

In solidarity with the staff, she said: ‘Flight attendants have been through a lot in the last four or five years with escalated incidents happening in the air. You just never know what flight attendant you’re dealing with.’

Instead, CiCi advised using the ‘many tools’ at your disposals, to document your dissatisfaction you can use anything from surveys, company chat bot’s and email to Twitter. 

She said these methods are monitored and should try those instead of arguing.  

Finally, the flight attendant explained that she would never depend on cabin crew to bring her snacks or water and that she always brings her own. 

The cabin crew member urged her TikTok followers never to put loose items in the overhead bin, as she claimed they’re filthy and never get cleaned

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She said that sometimes rough air and turbulence means that the flight crew is not able to serve you and you should always buy a bottle of water before you get on board. 

The viral video has raked in an impressive 72,000 views and thousands of likes. 

Hundreds of followers flocked to the comment section to share their own tips and opinions. 

One flight attendant commented:  ‘Everything you said is Perfect!! I’m a FA as well!!!’

While some thought the advice was obvious, one person commented: ‘Who would fly on the day of an event??? I’d at least give it a 3-day leeway.’

One person joked: ‘Now making sure to fly in on the day of events I actually don’t want to attend.’

Another traveller said: ‘I agree with all of those! Interestingly enough, I never thought about the jacket in the bins though. Now I’m grossed out, and will never do it again!’ 

It comes after a week of chaos in the UK following a ‘huge failure’ of the national air traffic control system, that caused delays for tens of thousands of holidaymakers on one of the busiest travel days of the year. 

The mayhem continued well into the week, as passengers were warned they face waiting ten days for a flight home – as some fork out thousands of pounds in accommodation while others opt for sleeping on airport floors. 

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