EASYJET passengers should check the airline's hand luggage rules before travelling, with new restrictions enforced from last year.

We've explained the amount of hand luggage and checked-in baggage you can take when travelling with easyJet, as well as how much it will cost.

EasyJet hand luggage rules

New rules introduced by easyJet in December 2020 mean passengers can no longer take a suitcase into the cabin for free.

Instead, standard passengers can only take a bag which fits underneath the seat in front, measuring 45cm x 36cm x 20cm, and this must include the handles and wheels.

Thankfully, there is no weight limit, as it is just the size that will be checked, although passengers whose suitcases do not fit the rules will be charged £24 at the airport.

Passengers who pay for Flexi tickets, Upfront tickets or Extra Legroom tickets can bring a suitcase into the cabin as well, measuring 56cm x 45cm x 25cm.

If the bag is too large and has to be put into the cabin, then passengers will be charged £48 to put it into the hold.

EasyJet checked baggage rules

EasyJet passengers must pay to check a suitcase into the hold.

The options range from 15kg to 32kg, with each passenger allowed to check up to three bags.

The charges range from £6.99 if purchasing online to £48 if buying at the boarding gate.

To check in a 32kg suitcase, passengers are charged £12 per kg on top of the 23kg bag when checking in online.

Passengers who use Three Mobile can also take advantage of the Hands Free Option.

Costing £7, passengers can check in one cabin bag to the hold for free, as well as be given a small bag to put their personal items in from their suitcases.

Sports equipment packers will need to pay between £37 and £55 per item.

Musical instruments can be taken into the cabin and put into the overhead locker if they are smaller than 30cm x 120cm x 38cm, but must be checked in if they are larger than this.

If you aren't sure about your suitcase, easyJet has an augmented reality app which lets passengers check their bags for size, avoiding extra charges at the airport.

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