DO you have family or friends arriving back or visiting you for some time in London and they land in Heathrow Airport?

Then here is what you need to know about fees for parking in Heathrow Airport to pick up travellers.

Do you have to pay to pick up at Heathrow Airport?

To use the Heathrow car park to pick someone up you do have to pay.

If your visitors meet you within 30 minutes of you arriving, then you will have to pay £5.30.

As indicated in the list below, the price increases the more time you spend in the Heathrow car park:

  • Waiting between 30 minutes to 44 minutes – £8.50
  • Waiting between 45 minutes to 59 minutes – £11.40
  • Waiting between one to two hours – £14.50
  • Waiting between two to three hours – £17.80
  • Waiting between three to four hours – £21.60
  • Waiting between four to five hours – £27.60
  • Waiting between five to six hours – £35.60
  • Waiting between six to nine hours – £48.50
  • Waiting between nine to 12 hours – £63.50
  • Waiting between 12 to 24 hours – £77.10

Where should I pick passengers up from at Heathrow Airport?

To pick up passengers, you need to use the the short stay car park at Heathrow airport.

You'll have one located in each terminal.


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You can pay for the parking by using the Heathrow app on your phone and pay directly through there.

Can I park at Heathrow Airport for free?

The only way to park for free at Heathrow is by staying in the long stay car park.

It'll only be free for 30 minutes, after that you will have to pay for parking.

For Blue Badge holders, the first two hours of parking will be free.

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The charges depend on whether you're parking at the long stay car park during peak or off-peak days.

Peak dates are normally Easter and Christmas holidays, half-term, summer break and September peak.

Peak dates parking costs as follows:

  • Staying between 30 minutes to two hours – £8.30
  • Staying for a day – £39.80
  • Staying for more than a day, every day – £31.80

During off-peak dates, parking costs as follows:

  • Staying between 30 minutes to two hours – £8.30
  • Staying for a day – £34.70
  • Staying for more than a day, every day – £27.90

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