A TOWN in Croatia is selling homes for just one kuna (11p) in a bid to attract people to move to the area.

The bargain houses are even cheaper than Italy's famous €1 houses, although come with a number of conditions.

The dilapidated houses need a lot of work – many of them have no windows or doors, or have mouldy walls and floors.

To be able to buy one, you also have to be fully employed, under 40-years-old and be willing to move there for 15 years.

There is some good news – the local authorities will give buyers 25,000 kuna (£2,900) to do renovations.

However, anyone who is looking to relocate with a cheap house to renovate, can head to the town of Legrad which hopes to increase its citizens again and buy one of the 19 properties.

Despite once have a huge population, the town now has approximately 2,250 people living there, after the fall of the Austro-Hungarian, resulting in it becoming a border town with few transport links to other cities.

Town mayor Ivan Sabolic said: "We turned into a border town with few transport connections to other places. Since then the population has been gradually falling."

You'll have to be quick, as 17 of the properties have been sold already, with interest from Russians and Ukrainians, as well as those from Turkey and Argentina.

However, if you move there, you can make the most of the beautiful countryside, as well as two European countries on your doorstep.

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