SPAIN is scrapping its outdoor face mask requirement from tomorrow in a boost to Brits with half term holiday plans.

The popular holiday destination is one of the few countries still enforcing face coverings outside – but that will all change tomorrow.

This will come as welcome news to Brits who are heading to Spain in half term, as they will no longer need to wear masks at the beach from February 10.

Spanish Health Minister Carolina Darias told local media earlier this week: “I can confirm that on Tuesday February 8, we’ll take the Royal Decree to the Spanish Cabinet through which we will cancel the outdoor face mask rule."

Masks will remain mandatory in indoor public spaces, including bars, restaurants and on public transport.

Strict Covid rules remain in place across mainland Spain as well as the Canary and Balearic Islands.

Spain is one of seven European hotspots that has put an expiration date on vaccine certificates, which could mean some Brits won't be able to visit during half term.

Spain will only permit Brits to enter if they can prove they have been fully vaccinated against Covid within the last 270 days.

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All adults who received their second dose more than nine months ago – which is before mid-May, 2021 – must have had a booster jab to be allowed in.

The rule applies to kids aged between 12 and 17 which might be a problem for families hoping to go to Spain during half term.

Many under 18s are yet to be fully vaccinated due to the UK's vaccine rollout schedule, so they will have no way of getting into the country.

However, there is some hope for families with plans to visit the Canary Islands, as rules banning unvaccinated kids could be eased to allow teens to enter if they haven't had both jabs.

Ángel Víctor Torre, president of the Canary Islands, told local media that there have been talks with the government and Health Minister Carolina Darias to introduce a change to the rules.

This could be a single jab and a negative test, he suggested, with hopes of an announcement "in days".

Greece and Portugal are the latest countries to announce Brits no longer need a negative Covid test to enter if they are fully vaccinated.

France is expected to follow suit, as local media reported the country will scrap the Covid test requirement "in the coming days".

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