FUMING Brits face postponing their trips for another summer due to the uncertainty around travelling abroad.

The foreign travel ban was lifted on Monday which allows holidays to go ahead for the first time this year.

However, MPs have now said holidays abroad can only go ahead to green-list destinations, of which there are only 12 – four of which are letting Brits in.

The list of amber countries includes most of Europe, including holiday hotspots Spain, Greece, France and Italy.

Earlier this week, Matt Hancock said that people should only travel to amber countries if "absolutely necessary" while Prime Minister Boris Johnson added: "It is not somewhere you should be going on holiday, let me be very clear about that."

Education Minister Gillian Keegan echoed both Boris Johnson's and Matt Hancock's warning, telling Times Radio: "Amber list countries are there for a reason – they are there so that you can travel for business, you can travel for particular situations such as funerals or if there are some specific care issues in your family."

The majority of Brits have been heading to Portugal as one of the few restriction-free holiday destinations.

Yet travel companies are already fearing that Brits may postpone their holidays for the second time this summer due to uncertainty.

George Morgan-Grenville, CEO of tour operator Red Savannah said: "[Holiday] bookings started in 2019, and many which were supposed to travel in 2020, postponed to 2021.

"Now we are looking at having to postpone to 2022."

He slammed the current travel advice, explaining: "What is the point of the amber list – you may as well make it the red list. Whats the point of legalising travel only to say you cant travel?

"And if you analyse the green list, it's a joke list."

Fuming Brits also slammed the confusing rules.

One person wrote on Twitter: "Don’t want people to travel to Amber List countries? Put them on the f****** Red List then. Jesus, it’s not hard."

Another person agreed: "If you can’t travel to a country on the Amber list then don’t have an Amber list- just have red and green and be clear about the messaging!"

Others warned that as the countries are not on the explicit ban list, it means tour operators and airlines are still operating.

One person said that they couldn't get a £1,700 refund on their holiday to Santorini, and would also need to fork out for extra Covid tests.

Someone else wrote: "Well waste of time with foreign holiday government advice don't use Amber list countries try telling the f****** travel agents."

One woman explained: "I think part of the problem here is that airlines are flying to amber list countries so if you choose not to go, you lose your money."

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Travel restrictions have lifted in England this week as well, with hotels now open and group holidays able to go ahead.

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