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    Sharing is caring, right? Especially when it comes to gorging out a tub of ice cream.

    If you and your partner have a sweet tooth then you'll probably be familiar with digging into the frozen dessert with spoons in hopes you'll get an equal serving.

    But lets face it, tucking into the tub of ice cream one by one is never going to give you a fair share.

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    However, one foodie revealed a trick that shows you've been eating ice cream as a pair wrong all this time.

    Instead of taking it in turns to tuck your silver spoon into the dessert, they cut the ice cream and its tub in half. Yes, really.

    That meant the creamy snack was evenly split down the middle with both people getting the same amount ice cream.

    The original poster noted that all you need is a sharp knife to cut through the middle.

    Even better, the tub now acts like a bowl for the dessert which means you want have to do any extra cleaning.

    Impressed with the foodie's innovative approach to sharing ice cream, many people fled to the comments to hail them a 'genius'.

    One person commented: "I’m both amazed at the genius displayed here, and jealous that I don’t have any myself. Tonight my friend, you’re winning at life."

    Another user added: "Not fair at all. Right side obviously has more chocolate chips than the left side.."

    While a third voiced: "We just buy a tub each then complain we ate too much."

    Someone else shared: "That’s genius but I still don’t want to share my ice cream."

    Meanwhile, a fifth said: "Genius! We share a pint three ways on pizza night and it's always such a pain in the a**e to dish out.

    "I'm trying this on Saturday!"


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