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June 10: New Moon/solar eclipse in Gemini
June 14:
Saturn square Uranus
June 20:
Sun enters Cancer
June 22:
Mercury Direct
June 24:
Full Moon in Capricorn

Hello, June! The year is halfway over (wtf), but the new month is off to an epic start. On June 10, a New Moon/solar eclipse in Gemini blankets the sky, illuminating the area of your chart associated with creativity, passion, and artistic expression, inviting you to tap into your innate (and potentially even dormant) talents and abilities. You’re always thinking about the macro, but under this sky, consider how your unique skills can actually be used as a tool to spearhead large scale transformation. You possess your special gifts for a reason, Aquarius. You’re the humanitarian of the zodiac, so don’t be afraid to embrace your calling and start a revolution. It’s time to shine!

Next, on June 14, there’s a monumental connection between serious Saturn and rebellious Uranus. Under this sky, don’t be surprised if you begin to question your legacy. How do others perceive you? Is your public image aligned with your self-identity, or is there a disconnect between your reputation and your reflection? This harsh 90º angle between Saturn and Uranus will prompt you to question…well, everything…but avoid jumping to conclusions just yet. There’s still one more installment in this three-part series (the first Saturn-Uranus square occurred on February 17, and the final will take place on December 24), so this narrative is still unfolding. In short, there’s still plenty of time to make any necessary adjustments. Right now, patience is key!

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Gemini season is officially over on June 20, when the Sun moves into Cancer, kicking off a new astrological season (as well as the longest day of the year and summer solstice). As the Sun slides through the area of your chart associated with routines, habits, and rituals, you’ll want to shift your focus to your schedule: What is the link between your external realities and your internal truths? Cancer season will help you realize that calendar management is more than Zoom invites—it’s about honoring your emotional landscape, too. Overwhelmed? Don’t fret: Mercury Retrograde ends on June 22, which will make everything (especially your day-to-day experiences) much easier to reconcile. Yee-haw!

Finally, the month concludes with a Full Moon in Capricorn on June 24. Under this electric sky, you’ll be feeling all kinds of sensitivity. In fact, the Moon will be activating your psychic zone, so don’t be surprised if you receive tons of intuitive messages. Be sure to check in with your subconscious domain by keeping a journal close to your bed and jotting down whatever emerges while you slumber. Don’t forget, Aquarius darling, that dreams are actually a portal into self: The more you cultivate a healthy relationship with your dream world, the more you’ll be able to turn your hopes and desires into tangible realities. Suffice it to say, this lunation offers an excellent opportunity to double-down on snoozing. Goodnight!

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