A woman refused to tip her tattoo artist after her neck inking went horribly wrong.

Maya, who lives in Reno, Nevada in US, wanted a unique design that looked like a necklace.

She asked for two stacked chokers, one plain and one with a bow, in striking red ink.

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But the body art fan was concerned when she noticed some "red flags" when the tattoo artist started prepping.

The illustration ended up looking amateurish – as some viewers noticed the thin inking looked a bit "shaky".

In a viral video published on TikTok, Maya says: "I'm getting my neck tattoo today, come with me!

"It turned out so bad I literally just stopped crying, probably not gonna show it because I feel a hella sensitive.

"I can't believe I just got a neck tattoo that I hate."

The red ribbon choker tattoo is not what Maya asked for – and she regretted not pulling out when she noticed the "red flags".

She explained: "Before they did the tattoo, they didn't clean the skin, which was my first sign I should have just walked out but I stayed.

"And when they were doing the tattoo, the guy was not using green soap to clean it.

"After that, I was asking him 'hey are you gonna put some aquaphor on it?' and they say 'no, no, just heal it like normal tattoo'.

"I mean aquaphor is supposed to keep the skin moist so the ink doesn't fall out of the skin."

Thankfully, viewers reassured Maya that it's "easily fixable".

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"Thank goodness it's small and messy and not big and messy, you'll get it fixed! So sorry it happend to you," one wrote.

And a second said: "I'd be upset too. It doesn't matter how thin the line is, you want it to be crisp. This looks shaky, I hope the touch-up fixes the cute design."

Maya updated her viewers that she would be getting another tattoo artist to "thicken up the lines".

Fingers crossed it goes better the next time around!


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