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A woman who ditched Blackpool for Barbados after earning fortunes on OnlyFans when she joined with her mum at 18 has encouraged trolls to keep hating her.

While most people with big social media followings actively condemn cruel commenters, Brittany Olivia wants to thank her abusers.

The 21-year-old told Daily Star: “They are the reason I am so successful.

“Keep my name in your mouths, I bet it tastes delicious. Without haters I wouldn’t have a platform so I love it.

“Words from anonymous accounts don’t even cross your mind when you’re doing so much.”

Laughing, Brittany added: “I have so much money in my bank. So cheers I guess.”

Brittany, who used to be a waitress, said she initially joined the racy platform after making a “lighthearted decision” with a friend.

She revealed: “I was 18 and had nothing to lose so I thought f**k it,” she said. “I did not expect I’d be here today.”

And her page took off after her mum, Jessica, got involved.

She recalled: “I joined the site first and my mum was actually really supportive. At the time it didn’t surprise me because she’s very open minded.

“She actually sent me a text one day not long after and told me to sign her up because she couldn’t figure it out.

“I laughed it off but she was 100% serious.

“Weeks later I was home and she barged into my room and was like ‘I have an idea, let’s do OnlyFans together’.

“Initially I was like, ‘ok, you’re weird’ but we actually spoke about it and I came up with a well-thought out tweet that would potentially boost both of our numbers."

She then hit post on a viral tweet where her and her mum posed in lingerie together.

Soon their subscriptions soared and Brittany went on to earn up to £25,000 a month on the site.

Brittany has since ditched Blackpool for Barbados, where she continues to grow her saucy page.

She said last week: “I decided to make the move to Barbados as I know that there is more for me to achieve and more for me to strive for.

“I've never had a small town mindset, I always want more.

“So moving away was a light decision for me and I thought why not. There was more money in it as well, location plays a part in my content and I think travelling as an OnlyFans worker is so cool.”

It’s now been two years since the viral tweet – and life has never been the same since.

Brittany concluded: “It’s now definitely sunk in and OnlyFans will forever be my roots.

“It is full of incredible women and now I’m meeting new people and coming up with new ideas.

“I’m now in the process of starting my first business and I won't stop doing and trying to be bigger and greater. God bless OnlyFans.”

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