A transgender woman who underwent surgery to have a vagina revealed she accidentally sent photos of the results to the wrong email address.

TikTok user @chezablondebitch took to the app in hysterics after her surgeon reached out to her to let her know that they hadn't received any photos following her gender reassignment surgery.

The surgical procedure, known as 'bottom surgery', creates female genitalia with function and feeling.

It may require multiple steps including a penile skin inversion vaginoplasty, revision vaginoplasty using the small bowel or secondary genital reconstruction.

'Chezza' believed she messaged the "after" images on to her surgeon – until she had the horrifying realisation that she had sent the snaps of her vagina to a complete stranger.

In a video, which now has more than 1.5million likes, she explained: "I've just had vagina surgery and my doctor goes, so you're going to have to send us an email, like photos of it, just to make sure that it looks okay.

"So I'm sending like two or three photos, like, you know, once a day, every other day and my doctor calls me goes we haven't got any pictures. Is everything all right?

"And I was like, I've been sending, she checks her email, nothing. I've been sending pictures of my, f*nny to the wrong f**king email address.

"So if anyone's got them, I'm really sorry. I don't really know what to do. Sh*t."

The blunder left her TikTok fans in hysterics as they shared their theories about where her snaps ended up.

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One user quipped: "Wondered why dad looked so happy this morning."

Another wrote: "Some guys out there trying to explain the emails to his wife."

A third commented: "I feel like this should be an episode in a sitcom or something."

A fourth added: "I wondered why somebody kept sending me pictures of a beef sandwich."

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