A woman has shared a simple DIY hack to create a secret storage spot under the stairs – perfect for storing shoes and unsightly clutter.

Heidi Bennett, 24, from Staffordshire, decided to clear out her hallway in lockdown with a clever storage solution with the help of fiancé George.

The project involved creating a hidden nook under their bottom stairs, which can be lifted up to store things like shoes and other items that take up unnecessary space in the room.

It’s an incredibly clever use of space, as many people will know just how annoying it is to have a hallway that is overrun with bulky coats, bags and shoes.

It took Heidi and George four hours to put together the secret hatch and they spent just £25 on materials – including stud work timber, gas struts and door hinges, all purchased from B&Q.

‘We took inspiration after seeing something similar on a DIY page I follow,’ says Heidi, who works as a paediatric nurse.

‘We have lived here for a year after buying our first home together, and want to put all the clutter that accumulates in the hallway in the new storage area.

‘It was actually super simple to make. George lifted the carpet and marked out the outline, then cut out steps using a jigsaw.

‘He then built wooden supporting framework to reinforce the staircase structure.’

The next step was to install the hinges and gas struts, and cut and re-fit the carpet.

Heidi later shared the results in a post on Facebook, which has so far attracted 8,000 likes.

People filled up the comments with praise and fished for more tips to recreate the crafty storage solution themselves.

One person said: ‘That is the best thing I’ve seen in ages and I can think of a lot of uses for it.’

‘That’s awesome. This guy’s three steps ahead,’ joked someone else.

A third person added: ‘This is absolutely brilliant and just so clever.’

Meanwhile, others expressed it would make the perfect hiding spot from unwanted visitors – or each other.

‘Great hiding place from an axe murderer,’ one person commented.

The clever storage solution isn’t the couple’s first DIY project, as Heidi and George have previously transformed their spare room into a dressing room.

‘Since moving into our home we have completed lots of DIY – being in lockdown has given us the time to get things done,’ Heidi adds.

‘My favourite is definitely my dressing room.’

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