Summer is here and that means most of us will be wearing less in order to get some relief from the hot weather.

And for a lot of women, stripping down to a bikini may be a go-to when lounging in the garden or basking in the sun rays upon the sandy beach.

But this time of year can bring up insecurities for some who aren’t comfortable in their bodies – especially when influencers and models flaunt their ‘perfect’ figures.

However, body positive babe Josephine Livin has shared that them envy-worthy behinds may not be so rounded to perfection after all.

The influencer revealed several snaps of her booty to her 152,000 Instagram followers to show how the ‘same bum’ can look completely different depending on three factors.

In the post, the blond-haired beauty posted six photos of her backside in an array of bikini bottoms and knickers.

Although she was wearing different bottoms, her booty differed in appearance in each picture.

In one, Josephine’s bum appeared to be ‘smooth’ without any skin texture in sight. Though, in another the influencer had some cellulite and dimples on her rear.

She declared: “All the same bum…just different angles, poses and lighting.

“All versions of me and my bum are BEAUTIFUL and so are all versions of you and your bum too.

“Never forget that you have so much more to offer the world than a perfect body,” she reminded her fans.

Inspired by Josephine’s booty loving display, many people fled to the comments to thank the babe for being ‘authentic’.

One fan said: “Mid bottom is the best reality bum.”

Another user added: “Thank god for your authenticity.”

Whilst a third voiced: “Inspiring.”

Someone else praised: “You are a blessing to my feed.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person related: “I am so happy to see this because I also have dimples on my butt cheeks and I didn’t know anyone else did.”

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