Alicia Mccarvell, a body positive influencer from Canada, has shared some of the cruel comments she receives saying her husband should be with someone ‘thinner than her.’

The influencer – who has been married to her husband Scott Mccarvell for 15 years – recently shared a TikTok video of the pair of them, but was inundated with negative responses.

Some of these included individuals saying their relationship ‘didn’t add up,’ that Scott was just with Alicia ‘for her money,’ or that she ‘must not have been fat when he first fell in love with her.’

Others said they thought Scott must be ‘secretly gay.’

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Speaking about the TikTok video, Alicia said: ‘I posted a simple transition video of me and my husband going from towels to dressed up together. This is not unlike what all kinds of different couples do on this app.

‘My video went viral, and I know we all know why. It’s because, by beauty standards, we don’t make sense.’

Alicia has since responded the the backlash from the video – slamming ‘society’s trash beauty standards.’

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She also feels that people ‘immediately value Scott as more than her’ when they see them together.

The TikToker continues: ‘Since we don’t add up, people try to add things to my side of the equation to make it make sense, saying things like, “Oh, she must not have been fat when they met,” or, “Oh, she’s got to be rich.”

‘Or they try to decrease his side of the equation by saying things like, “He must be gay,” or, “He fetishes fat women.” 

‘We’ve been made to believe that somebody who is physically fit like Scott could never in a million years be in love with or compatible with a fat woman. 

‘And that’s solely because the world has literally taught us that we have to value our worth [based] on our bodies.’

Alicia also revealed that ‘thin’ women often slide into Scott’s DMs and hit on her husband – with one recently telling him: ‘You should be with somebody who looks like me.’ 

The influencer adds that ‘how well her body fits into society’s beauty standards’ is not on Scott’s top list of priorities.

But, despite receiving this hurtful backlash, Alicia stresses that many others have shared supportive messages.

‘I am so sorry for the amount of hate you have to deal with. Truly unbelievable,’ one person replied.

While another added: ‘I honestly can’t believe how many jealous and spiteful people are in these comments.’

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