A woman has been left mortified after her “cute” picture in a swimming pool left her looking like “slenderman.”

Alice Hutton booked a stay at The Shard and thought she would make the most of the pricey getaway by snapping a few photos for the memories.

Wanting to get a “cute” picture of herself posing in the luxury pool, Alice left the photography in her boyfriend's hands – but it did not quite go to plan.

Taking to TikTok, Alice has revealed the result of her partner's snapping skills in which she has labelled a “photo fail”.

In the clip, she wrote: “When you book a 1 night stay at The Shard and ask your boyfriend to take a cute picture of you in the swimming pool, but it turns out like this…”

Unfortunately for Alice, her pool floating snap did not quite turn out as the cute photo she envisioned.

Hilariously, her body can be seen fully submerged into the water where it appeared pale and long, thanks to the distortion of the water and lighting in the pool room.

But, at least her face can be seen poking out of the water with a cheeky grin!

Alice giggled in the caption: “Turns out I’m not a natural when it comes to posing in pools.”

Left in stitches at Alice’s unfortunate pool blunder, many people fled to the comments to poke fun at the incident.

One person chuckled: “My fave pic ever, slender man.”

Another user commented: “Think of the laughs you’ll have about it though and it’s not that bad haha.”

While a third person expressed: “They always do us dirty with the pics.”

Someone else pointed out: “No I love it!! Way more fun than a posed one!

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