Dating can be a difficult game, so many people may test the waters with various potential lovers to see who they are best matched with.

Usually these dates would be organised on different days and different places to avoid any awkward encounters.

But for Fanny Blom, she decided to cut to the chase and invite all of her Tinder matches out to the same club – at the same time.

The 19-year-old Swede, who is currently living in Spain, decided to “fake” her birthday in order to convince her matches to come out and celebrate.

However, the lads were none the wiser when it came to her creative plan.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up 329,000 views, the blonde babe posed with a numbered balloon and a birthday sash to get into her role.

She explained: “Faked my birthday and invited my Tinder matches to the same club.”

As she rocked a white mini skirt, pink crop top and a pointy birthday hat, Fanny headed out to get the shenanigans started.

And, it seemed that her plan worked.

In the viral video, Fanny could be seen partying with various lads at different points of the night.

She even managed to secure some free drinks off the unsuspecting Tinder matches – who thought they were celebrating her birthday with just Fanny.

Fanny exclusively told Daily Star: “I faked my birthday because it would be easier to convince people to come on this exact date.

"Also it was easier for them to find me because I had a birthday hat.

“It was easy to get free drinks with the birthday hat too, the salary down here is not so good, so to save money is also why I faked my birthday.

“I think it was five [Tinder matches] that showed up. It was hard for me to remember what they looked like because when I wrote to so many on Tinder I couldn’t find their Tinder pictures.

"I also got a lot of attention just because the whole club thought it was my birthday.

“I missed two guys that came a little bit later, we had some arguments in my friend group so we left kind of early.

"I got a Snapchat picture from one of the guys that came later and it was a picture of roses that was for me!"

But how did it all work out without Fanny’s “fake birthday” plan being uncovered by the Tinder matches?

Well, she had a good excuse to move from match to match.

Fanny explained: “I needed to say that I was going to the bathroom so I could try to find the other ones.

“I don’t think anyone realised what I was doing but this guy was jealous when I was with some of my guy friends.

"I also remember that some of the Tinder matches I invited asked how many Tinder matches were coming to this club but I just answered that I only invited a few of my friends.

“But the day after, when the video was out on TikTok, a Norwegian guy that showed up said his friend had sent him the video.

"I just opened and didn’t answer haha.

“One Tinder match gave me a tequila shot and also I got two drinks but that was from other people not my Tinder matches.

"I don’t drink so much alcohol so I didn’t want more alcohol than that. I think I could have gotten more free drinks if we would have stayed and not left too early.”

Despite inviting out her long list of Tinder matches, Fanny thinks she will just keep it as one wild night to remember.

She confessed: “I don’t think I will see them again, one guy was kind of cute but he was all over me and I don’t like that.”

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