A woman has filmed herself making an incredibly long journey to the loo in a pub which has left viewers joking she was taking a stairway to the "Earth's core".

Katie Hulme was having a fun night out with her boyfriend at the McCooley's in Liverpool when she decided to nip to the toilet.

In the video she shared on TikTok, the pub-goer quickly realises she has rather long journey ahead to get to the

She jokes: "You all thought Wetherspoons toilets were bad, watch this then."

Katie takes a long winding staircase down with two turns to the first level of basement, commenting: "F***ing dying already, you think it's over? Nah."

From there, she another two flights of stairs down to the second level of basement where she has to walk across a hall.

At the end of it, Katie finds the illuminating sign "GIRLS" in the corner of the room.

"That's my month of cardio done," she added in the caption.

Katie also explained that there wasn't a toilet on any other floor and said: "The men's was after the second lot of stairs and the ladies right at the bottom."

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Her clip has amassed 3.2 million views since she posted it over the weekend and viewers said they felt exhausted just by watching her making her way to the loo.

One said: "I'd only make it halfway before all of a sudden I didn't need to go anymore."

Another wrote: "This walk genuinely makes me question if p***ing myself is the easier option."

"You're at the core of the the Earth after that" a third joked.

Others suggested it might be faster if Katie finds a toilet in another pub or goes to a public restroom.

One bizarrely penned: "When I drink, I have to go every 20-30 minutes, I might as well drink in the toilets."

A fourth added: "I'd give up thanks."

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