A woman married a man who is 51-years-older – and insists their sex life is great.

Terzel Rasmus, 29, from South Africa, met 80-year-old Wilson Rasmus in 2016 at a local newspaper event.

Even though Terzel is the same age as Wilson’s grandchildren, sparks flew between the pair and they fell deeply in love.

The young law student says she was attracted to her partner’s wisdom and life experience.

She got the full support of her mum and late father before tying the knot with Wilson’s eldest daughter, 56, as the witness.

The age gap couple now live together in Cape Town with the pensioner supporting his wife’s studies – and Terzel insists there's "nothing disgusting" about their love.

Terzel said: “Wilson quite literally walked into my life.

“We met at a local newspaper dance where I was the journalist on duty, so I was taking photos for the event.

“When I was done working I settled into the evening to enjoy the dancing and Wilson walked across the dancefloor to where I was sitting and asked if he could sit by me.

“He noticed I was alone and thought the two of us could share company.

“The truth, which came out later, was that he had noticed me before the event started and wanted to get to know me.”

She continued: “When he established I was on my own he plucked up the courage to come over and speak to me.

“I said yes and the rest is history – we haven’t parted since…

“This is my first long-term relationship and I never considered being in a serious relationship until I met Wilson.

“Three months after we met, I knew I wanted to marry him.

“Wilson was married before and that was his first relationship since. His late first wife Nelly died in 2002 from cancer and after that he didn't date other women.”

Can age gap relationships work?


The couple think their age gap makes them complement each other better.

Terzel said: “Wilson’s experience in life helps greatly.

“When my father died, my husband was able to help me with arrangements and guide me in the process of what usually happens after death.

“He also helps by giving advice on big decisions regarding my future and I’m able to go to him and get his advice when I am unsure about something.

“I can rely on him for anything – all I have to do is ask – and he supports me financially, especially helping me pay for my studies.”

Terzel continued: “When it comes to sex, Wilson is a very attentive lover and always pleases me when we are intimate.

“Young men tend to be very selfish when it comes to good sexual health and I am grateful to have my husband.”

And Wilson added: “I have never thought of myself as an old person and this has kept me healthy and vibrant – being with Terzel also helps me think and feel this way.

“To marry a younger person is better than to marry someone more or less my age, because we will both be old together and that does not help me as the older person.

“I like the fact that Terzel will be there to look after me in my old age.”

The duo have been welcomed by each other’s families – but they don’t always get the same positive reaction when they’re out in public.

People have branded Terzel a “gold digger” or “sl*t who sleeps with older men as she can’t find any her own age”.

Terzel said: “The sl*t-shaming was particularly hurtful because what Wilson and I feel for each other is raw and beautiful.

“I almost felt like this person was defiling our relationship.”

Thankfully, the young woman doesn’t take these comments too much to heart.

She added: “We love each other the same as other people love their partners – there is nothing disgusting about it.”

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