Every family looks forward to summer. This is not only the time for vacations, this is the time that everyone wants to spend with maximum benefit: walking in the fresh air, swimming, and sunbathing to saturate the body with vitamin D. This is especially significant for a growing child’s body.

Young mothers, with the approach of summer, have a lot of worries because they need not only to plan the upcoming vacation but also to prepare their kids for it. And, of course, in connection with this, numerous questions arise.

kids’ clothes


It is best to give preference to clothes made of natural, breathable materials in light colors, like yellow shorts for a toddler boy from the official website of The Trendy Toddlers. An approximate list of summer things:

  • T-shirts — at least 5 pcs.,
  • panties — from 10 pcs.,
  • shorts below the knees (if necessary, can be tucked up) or breeches — from 3 pcs.,
  • long sleeve button-down shirt — 1 piece,
  • leggings — from 2 pcs.,
  • jeans or tight trousers — 1 pc.,
  • light pants — 1 piece,
  • long sleeve — 2-3 pieces,
  • hoodie or denim jacket (with a hood) — 1pc.,
  • light sweatshirt without hood — 1 pc.,
  • dress (for girls) 1-2 pcs.

Shoes and socks

In the summer, if possible, children should walk barefoot as much as possible. This is not only a foot massage, which helps the legs develop properly, but also toughening up. However, it is still worth taking care of the necessary summer shoes for the child in advance. A child’s foot grows very quickly, so it’s best to take shoes with a small margin (about 1 cm) so that it is enough for the entire summer season. Usually, two pairs of sandals are enough for the summer. And for cooler weather, you will need sneakers or light trainers.

kids’ clothes


Since toddlers typically do not want to wear sunglasses, it is best to opt for hats with a brim or a visor that will protect the eyes and face of the child from the sun. It should not pinch the head or interfere with the baby. Also, it mustn’t subside from fast movements and wind.

Bathing suit

Someone prefers to leave the baby naked on the beach, others believe that this is at least not hygienic. Another question is whether you should choose special bathing suits, or you can limit yourself to ordinary panties. Currently, the market offers a large selection of children’s swimwear at very affordable prices. And bathing trunks differ from ordinary ones in that they do not stretch, dry faster, and look more aesthetically pleasing.

Swim diapers

Children under 3 years old will need swimming diapers to go to the pool or water park — these are special diapers that do not swell in water.