A waitress working at a Wetherspoons pub has shared a secret about a food item on the menu — poached eggs.

The worker, who goes by the name @dobbyscoochie on TikTok, went viral after posting a video about her "waitress problems".

She said: "Me explaining to a customer that they can't have poached eggs as they're pre-poached and are out of stock.

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"I actually never told customers they were pre-poached, I just flat out said no, or offered fried eggs instead."

Some people said they also realised the problem and shared their own experiences.

One said: "My dad always complains because Wetherspoons ran out of poached eggs but still had fried, and I just said 'well it's Spoons'."

Another said: "For real, they're like 'just poach them for me'."

"The highlight of working a 'spoons breakfast shift," a third admitted.

A| fourth wondered: "Poached eggs are easy to make, why not do it the regular way when you run out of pre-made?"

Some were confused by what the TikToker meant when she said the eggs are pre-poached.

"How do you 'pre-poach' an egg?" a viewer asked.

To which another fan, who claimed to be kitchen-trained, answered: "They come in a little plastic packet and we just cut the packet open after heating the egg in the microwave.

"They come in an individual small packets and are microwaved for 45 seconds."

The Wetherspoons waitress added: "Yeah pre-poached, they look a bit like silicon breast implants in my opinion.

"We have no access to burners, Spoons is all about getting food out quickly so from experience, it's microwaving, frying and grilling."

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Previously a Wetherspoons customer tried a new breakfast dish — Miner's Benedict — and shared her verdict.

Rebecca Lockwood ordered the £5.50 breakfast, which comes with two poached eggs on an English muffin, with black pudding, Hollandaise sauce and rocket.

And she said: "When it arrived, it looked decent.

"There was a fair amount of rocket, two lovely poached eggs and some sad-looking black pudding on top of the breakfast muffin.

"It was just a bit dry and a bit boring. Not even the hollandaise was playing its part to make this one above average.

"It was like eating a bowl of sand – and nobody wants sand for breakfast."


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