A couple have lifted the lid on their relationship after claiming the secret to their happy marriage is dating other people.

Before a friend of theirs mentioned polyamory, Jessica Levity, 35, and husband Joseph Daylover, 40, were monogamous for years.

Jessica managed to convince her partner to try it before their wedding and now they haven't looked back since.

When they made up their minds about it eight years ago, Jessica and Joseph believe it's the "best decision" they've ever made.

They often date multiple people outside their marriage, dedicating one night a week to them letting loose away from home.

In total, the couple have had around 20 other boyfriends and girlfriends between them, once they even shared the same woman.

The smitten pair, from Nevada, US, have two children Azlan, three, and Lucius, four months old.

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Joseph is dating one woman, Lore Hempstock, 33, while Jessica is in a relationship with John Poster, Toocha Rose and Kayci Lynn.

She said: "I'm married to my best friend and we are raising our children together, as well as exploring connections with others.

"We live in domestic bliss. Whoever said you can't 'have your cake and eat it' clearly didn't have enough cake!"

The couple met in 2009 while doing community theatre shows and were monogamous until 2013.

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They often meet other partners through dating website OkCupid as it allows them to select a "non-monogamy" filter.

Usually they spend evenings away to go on dates which range from full-blown romances to regular partners.

Jessica and Joseph comfort each other through touch break-ups and even share a girlfriend.

Speaking about their relationship, Joseph said: "It's a very communal lifestyle and it contributes to a harmonious family life."

He added: "Jessica and I are in a secure, loving relationship and think of ourselves as 'life partners'.

"We could never see the other being replaced in that role.

"It's just that our relationship allows us to experience deep and meaningful connections with others as well."

The parents hope that exposing their kids to their relationship from a young age will help to educate them on human connections.

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Jessica revealed: "One popular misconception is that all polyamory looks one way.

"Often in the media it's portrayed as a triad, usually female-female-male, and almost always white.

"A lot of people don't understand our relationship, but it's perfect for us."

Joseph added: "I don't see a future for us where we aren't polyamorous – it works well for us both."

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