A COUPLE of dancing country girls have been channeling their Daisy Dukes look.

It's proof that the simple outfit of a 1980s TV character has stood the test of time.

The blonde-haired duo was strutting their stuff at a dance hall in Massachusetts.

“Just your favorite blondes at it again," said Jenny Smith (@jennysmith795), one of the dancers in the video.

Jenny and her friend's wardrobe choices were faithful to Daisy Dukes'.

Daisy was the sexy sidekick in the hit show, The Dukes of Hazzard.

Daisy was played by actor Catherine Bach.

Her regular uniform in the show was just a pair of cut-off shorts and a shirt.

Little was she know that it would become a fashion phenomenon, still popular today.

The Daisy Dukes has come to denote a pair of denim shorts that flatter a woman's booty.

In her video, Jenny and her friend are dressed in full Daisy Dukes, matching shorts, and cowboy boots, as they do their line dancing.

For Jenny, there is no place she would rather be: "Happy place," she said.

Comments to her post loved this pair of cute dancers.

“Beautiful moves, cowgirls," was typical of other similar comments.

Their footwear proved to be popular: “Love your boots," said this fan.

But someone was making inquiries: “Where the hell can a guy like me meet some women like this.”

Finally, a cheeky observation from this viewer: “Double the fun or trouble," he said.

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