… with his shoelace untied.

Ever been so hungry that you jumped out of a moving vehicle onto another moving vehicle to grab some food?

That appears to have been the motive behind one of the stupidest stunts you’ll ever see, which began spreading online on Monday.

Shot in Morocco, the insane video shows a group of friends driving behind a truck carrying oranges, when one of the men decides to help himself to a handful… while still in motion.

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Like a scene from Dumb & Dumber meets Fast & Furious, the daredevil clambers out of the sunroof of his friend’s Mercedes, while it’s traveling at 60 MPH.

He inches down the hood, while the driver giggles maniacally — all while filming on his cellphone — and pulls close enough for the friend to leap onto the back of the truck.

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The car is completely hidden from the view of the truck driver, who luckily didn’t need to jam on the brakes while he was obliviously being robbed, which would have undoubtedly caused the car to rear end him with the thief trapped somewhere in the middle.

But his luck holds out and he makes the leap safely (well not safely, successfully); as if it wasn’t dangerous enough, the camera pans out and shows one of his shoelaces is even untied.

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Undeterred he climbs up to the top of the truck and tosses back the prize of exactly four oranges, before jumping back down onto the car and back in through the sunroof, miraculously still in one piece.

They then overtake the truck, waving their plunder at the clueless driver as they pass him.

The men, whose social media accounts reveal them to be Tae Kwon Do martial artists, opted against posting the video to their Instagram pages, as Moroccan authorities have been known to arrest and charge people who upload videos of their stupid crimes.

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