Timberland is coming full circle on its ambitions to design for disassembly.

The brand first launched a boot designed for disassembly back in 2010 but admits it was a bit ahead of its time.

Now, Timberland teases its latest and greatest step into circularity. The Timberloop Trekker — launching in spring 2022 in both men’s and women’s styles — is specifically designed for disassembly with four stitched components. Materials are leather, rubber, EVA foam and a polyester-based textile. Additionally, the shoe features a removable inner bootie made of ReBotl fabric (recycled plastic) that is integrated throughout the lacing system.

This announcement trails projects in regenerative agriculture, cotton and other efforts at contributing to the circular economy.

Beginning this August, customers can take back any Timberland footwear, apparel or accessories to a Timberland store. Once consumers are done with the Timberloop Trekker, for example, the shoe is received through Timberland’s take-back program, eventually ending up with take-back partner ReCircled that has facilities in Sidney, Nebraska and Prato, Italy.

ReCircled efficiently separates shoe components by cutting the stitched connections and separating the components to put into their respective recycling streams. Items are sorted by next best use, meaning repair and refurbishment or resale could be the next route for goods (boots, jackets, etc.) that are taken back. Disassembly is the last resort as the brand reassured that it wants to avoid any items ending up in landfills.

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The ReCircled program is global in nature. By the end of 2021, ReCircled will add facilities in the U.K. and Hong Kong followed by additional European and Asian countries in 2022. Timberland will introduce a digital ship-from-home take-back option later this summer to drive added ease and convenience for the consumer.

Expressing excitement for the circularity moves, Susie Mulder, global brand president at Timberland said, “As an industry, and as a collective community of human beings, we need to dig deep and find tangible ways to reduce our environmental impact. This take-back program enables Timberland to partner with our consumers around the world to work together toward a greener future — something we know is increasingly important to today’s generation. They are more than ready to take action, and we’re happy to offer a simple solution to make it happen.”

Timberland aims for 100 percent of products to be designed for circularity by 2030, which means more styles are in the pipeline, coming each season.

A sketch of the women’s Timberloop Trekker from Timberland, coming spring 2022. Courtesy

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