Written by Amy Beecham

If 2022 is your year of getting back in the dating game after a break-up, read this. 

There are no two ways about it: dating can be hard, time-consuming and fruitless. Particularly over the past two years where, let’s be real, protecting our physical and mental health has taken precedence over any potential opportunities for love, it can feel like the dating pool has all but dried up at the moment.

What’s more, if you’re coming off the back of a break up, getting back out there can feel daunting to say the least.

But if your new year’s resolution was to get back out there and you’re already fed up of endless swiping and the pressure to come up with a witty first line, fear not.

There’s a new dating trend in town: “oystering”. But what does it all mean?

The premise is surprisingly simple. According to dating app Badoo, which coined the term, it all relates toseeing the world as your oyster as you start to embrace being single post break-up, which will come as music to the ears of many.

As the antidote to cuffing season, oystering encourages us to celebrate our freedom however it pleases us. Want a different date every night? Go for it. Looking to be wined and dined as you deserve? Make it happen.

Badoo’s research found that almost half of singletons feel excited to start dating again, and over 50% are ready to get 2022 off to a strong dating start. And with so many people adopting a “hard-ball dating” approach, it’s no surprise.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that getting back on the horse isn’t always, or the only solution to a break up. If your relationship has ended recently, take time to sit with your feelings – positive and negative – to help you reflect on the experience and what you can take from it. Does it make what you want, or more likely don’t want, any clearer? Is there a different approach you want to try next time?

Oystering is the 2022 dating trend helping us to get over our break-ups

If you can take anything from the oystering trend, let it be that we should be leaning in to what makes us happy in every area of our lives.

“Dating is daunting after a relationship, but it doesn’t need to be,” says Badoo’s dating expert, Sophie Mann. “Ultimately, dating should be fun, and what better way to get over a break up than having some fun? We’ve seen many people getting back into dating, and we predict this new trend of seizing the ‘dating”’day will shine through as many singletons are feeling confident to go out there and get what they want.”

Here’s to that.

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