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Have you ever ended things then speedily cut them off completely? You could be guilty of mic dropping, the blunt alternative to ghosting that’s growing in popularity on dating apps.

Name: mic dropping

Meaning: when you end things with someone you’ve been on a few dates with by sending them a break-up message, then immediately blocking them or archiving the chat so you don’t have to deal with the emotional fallout. Like ghosting, but a little bit more considerate.

Origin: mic dropping is another Stylist Extra original. We coined the term after hearing from numerous people who felt like mic dropping was the only way they could deal with the anxiety, guilt and general discomfort they felt about ending things with someone without completely ghosting them. It’s an attempt to be more open and honest while dating – a trend that has come up time and time again over the last year – without having to deal with the result.  

So, what does mic dropping actually entail? While mic dropping may be easier than sitting down to have a conversation with someone, it still requires some work. Mic dropping doesn’t mean getting away scot-free with that break-up text – you still need to spell out why things aren’t working and send a message explaining this – you just don’t have to talk about it afterwards.

OK, but is that really any better than ghosting? I’d say it’s somewhere between ghosting and Caspering – the term coined by the sex and dating expert Alix Fox to describe a kind of ‘friendly ghosting’ where you drop someone a message to let them know things haven’t worked out. I guess it depends how far along on your dating journey you are. If you’ve been on a handful of dates and things aren’t that serious, mic dropping probably isn’t going to cause much harm. But if you leave it until later down the line, the person you’re dating probably won’t appreciate not being able to say a few words…

But what if they’re a walking red flag? That’s different. If someone’s making you feel uncomfortable or is being rude, you don’t owe them anything. 

OK, I see. But what kind of messages are we talking about sending? Mic dropping sounds a little… dramatic? Nah, it’s not as intense as it sounds. It’s just the act of sending a message and then cutting ties before the other person responds. For example, you could send something like, “Hey, thanks for a great time, but I’m afraid I don’t think things are going to work out,” before unmatching on Hinge or blocking their number. Simple.

I think I’ve got it, thanks! Finally, you understand. Have you got any other questions?

I don’t think so. Thanks for a great time – I just don’t think things are going to work out. What do you mean?

*This message was deleted* 

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